This concept was to take the core ideas of what makes a “video game” and translate them to the real world.

The core piece of the game is a robotic slingshot water ballon launcher, which was controlled by either a NES controller or Ipad.   The game play itself was about as simple as it gets.  You could choose to be a “good guy”, and control the slingshot, or don a costume and be a “Villan”.  “Villans” had to run a relay race through a course we developed, “good guys” had to shoot at them with water ballons (pretty easy, right).

At the end of the day, it was just all about having fun and shooting water balloons at your friends.

Villans Included:

-Mr Burns

-Space Invaders

-The Terminator


-Al 9000

Villans we wanted to include, but weren’t allowed to.

-Yoko Ono