I approach my work through the combined perspective of a event producer, a recreation designer, and a social artist.

I have always been interested in the therapeutic qualities of recreation.  I started my school career pursuing a degree in psychology, but quickly realized that my way of helping people was through play. I eventually graduated from Colorado’s Western State College with a degree in Recreation Design.

Shortly after college I started a job with the ESPN X Games (which was a lot smaller back then) and began to learn how big events and large-scale production worked.  I also became very interested in the power and phenomenon of large-scale collective sport experience, and collective joy. Upon leaving I became hyper-focused on designing a body of new events that combine the attributes of sport-like play, creativity, collaboration, and improvisation. This has been my focus since.

Some of my projects are commissioned by brands, and some are independent games for change.  My goal is that all of my projects incite thought, and ultimately make the world a little more interesting place.