In 2012 I ran a Arduino-based online competition as a qualifier to the Creation event.  Our friend JoeJoe of Lumigeek designed the boards, which were based off the ubiquitous Arduino Uno.  Altogether 150 boards were made and sent all over the US in a nice little cardboard package with either the Yoda quote: “Try Not, Do, Or Do Not”, or “Shall We Play A Game” from the movie Wargames (teasing the eventual final competition topic).

The experiment was to see how folks would interpret a static piece of Hardware as the building constraint, and really nothing else.  We sent out two different editions.  The first, was just the Bullduino.  The second came a shield, which had capacitive touch-pad game of Simon built onto it. When you plugged the shield in, you were invited to play a little game (warning, watch at your own risk).

The challenge was to just build something that was awesome, and make a few minutes video about it.  There was no topic, it just had to use the “Bullduino”  Folks had about 15 days between the time they got their package in the mail, and when the video was due.  Not really very much time (in retrospect, it would have been nice to have more).  The video submissions were amazing, and I’ve included a few of my favorites below.   One interesting thing was to see where all the submissions came from…mostly smaller middle America cities like Buffalo NY, Pittsburgh, PA, Eugene, OR, Springfield, MO.