2012: “A Game of Games”

In 2012 I wanted to try a completely different direction with Red Bull Creation.  The core concept was still to bring together a small/ elite group of minds(12 teams), and provide them a topic which had to be executed over 72 hours.  Instead of bringing everyone to one place, we developed a way for folks to work from their own shops, and live stream the entire process.  From there, we were able to bring all the streams into a studio we built from scratch, switch between them, and broadcast out a main feed. Two hosts, Tyler Hanson and Mike Senese, acted as the glue between all teams and the public for the 72 hour period,

My goal with this project was to see if you can create a true collective experience, with a whole bunch of different people in different places.  This is actually a topic I’ve spent a lot of time researching over the past few years, and have become a little obsessed with.   Did it work?   Yes, and No.   The event was definitely a success, people made amazing stuff, and friendships were made, however the teams were often so busy doing their own thing, that they were not able to follow each other’s feeds.

One unexpected, cool thing that came out of it is that a lot of local folks just turned up out of the blue to help their local teams build. They had either seen them on the live stream, Twitter, or local media.  Many of those folks are now members at the Hackerspaces, and the event acted as a really cool membership drive.  A lot of local connections, and friendships were made, but I don’t feel like the teams go to know each other as well as the previous year.  Some teams liked the physical format of year one, and some teams like the decentralized format of year 2.   They both seem to have their merits. The final creations, as always, were completely amazing.

The Centrifury by North Street Labs:  

The Hunt for Red September by 1.21 Jigawatts: 

Psycho Scooter Scramble by Team Instructables: 

Battle Golf by Team 23B


2013:  “Signal To Noise” Create a new musical instrument.

In 2013 we brought Red Bull Creation back to a physical format event with a live event and build in Mccarren Park in Williamsburg, Brooklyn.

Frankly, this was the first year with this project where I finally felt like it all completely came together.   The previous years all went well, and I would consider them successful, but I always walked away thinking about something major I’d like change.  In year 3 we were able to take all of those learnings and combine them into a cohesive experience that worked for everyone.   I’ll be writing more soon, for now here are a few photos.